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Language Placement Exams

Take a placement exam to determine the correct level to start at.

Only for BA in College of Arts and Sciences

You are required to take a language placement exam before Orientation and your arrival on campus. All incoming first-year students, as well as any other students enrolling in language courses in French, German, Spanish, Chinesse, Italian and Japanese must take an online placement exam. Placement tests are available in Latin and Greek. However, if you have never taken a language class before, you do not need to take the placement exam. (Read more on the Language Requirement and Language Requirement FAQ.)

Please note that although all entering students are required to take this exam, you may not be required to take language courses, depending on your degree and major. However, the results of this exam will help you decide which courses to take if you choose to enroll in language courses or if you are required to by your program of study.

You do not need an appointment to take the online placement exams, which may be accessed from any computer with an Internet connection. The test consists of multiple-choice questions on vocabulary, grammar and reading comprehension. There is no oral or listening part. The length varies from one individual to another, with an average time of 20 minutes.

Please remember that this test is for placement only, and that the results alone will not exempt you from the language requirement at Adelphi. The exam can only be taken once. In order to officially establish your exemption, you may retake the test under supervision either during Orientation or soon thereafter with Dr. Sara Aponte-Olivieri to confirm your status. 

Your score and placement on this test will not appear anywhere on your transcript and your performance has no bearing on your future academic status at Adelphi University.

The exam must represent your own work. When taking it you will be bound by Adelphi University’s Honor Code and must refrain from any activity constitutive of academic dishonesty as defined therein. In particular, you should not use any textbooks, dictionaries or other reference materials to help you with the test; the objective is to measure what you have already learned and to assist you in planning future language study.

Please note: For languages other than French, German, Spanish, Chinese, Italian and Japanese, please contact Dr. Sara Aponte-Olivieri, at 516.877.4057 for assistance.

For more information, please contact:

Dr. Sara Aponte-Olivieri
College of Arts and Sciences

Alumnae Hall, Room 105
p – 516.877.4057
e –

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