Getting Started at Adelphi


Parents of New Adelphi Students

As the parent or guardian of an incoming student, you are also Getting Started at AU.

At Adelphi, we want to help our students make good choices, academically, socially and eventually professionally as they choose careers. By keeping you informed, through the Parents and Families website, the Parents and Families Association and programs designed with parents and families in mind, we are able to provide you with information that will assist you in guiding your daughter or son in making good choices through their college career.

Having a son or daughter in college is a time for adjustment. Whether your son or daughter will be living on campus or commuting to Adelphi from home, relationships may change, and your family will need positive ways to manage those changes. For some guidance in managing this transition, the Parent Handbook has been designed with you, the parent, in mind.

For parents of incoming first-year students, workshops and programs during Parent Orientation will help make this time of transition as productive as possible.

While parents of transfer students often have fewer questions, having your son or daughter transfer to a new school represents a new adjustment.

We look forward to including you, your son or daughter, and your entire family into the Adelphi community.

See Getting Started checklists for new students:

First-year Students

Transfer Students

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